This Mistake is Costing You Greatly...

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Right Now, You're Probably Here...

can we be real for a moment? 

Realizing that we live in a time where credentials and degrees aren't enough anymore

Frustrated and lost because you have expertise and value, but don't know how to tell people about it

Your online presence (if it exists) needs improvement to do well in today's market.

Yearning for the bigger, better opportunities that have been outside of your reach - higher income, roles, recognition  

Afraid of visibility or insecure in showing up and stepping out as a leader 

Feeling confused because you did "all the right things" (go to school and start a career), but you're not as far along as you hoped

Tired of being overlooked for advancement, media, stages, and exclusive perks in your industry

Lost because you did "all the right things" only to wind up with an empty bank account

Fed up with watching  less experienced people reap all the benefits for showing up online and you haven't

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How long will you stay where you are? 
How long will you let opportunities pass? 
What is inaction costing you right now? 

i want to act now

You know something has to give.
The fact that you're here means you want MORE.

What You want

A magnetic personal brand that attracts opportunities

To become a recognized powerhouse in your industry

Access to the right rooms, roles, raises, and recognition

Increased income potential and better earning prospects

What You Need

Brand-building expertise to stand out and draw in prospects

Guidance to establish authority and influence

Strategies to connect with desired circles and opportunities

Techniques to position yourself for higher pay and advancement

"Lauren coached me to create a strong and clear personal brand by eliminating mental hurdles, sharing resources used by millionaires to turn their brands into empires, and being there to coach through moments of doubt. I have all the degrees in the world, but I can honestly say that partnering with Lauren has been the greatest investment in my career and future. I keep pinching myself to remind myself that this is real because I only dreamt of the woman I am today. And it's all thanks to her! "

Dr. Jane 
attracted recruiters and two media features
in 30 days.

I have been working with Lauren for about 3 months now and I feel like I've woken up. I have so much clarity around who I am, what I want and how to show up in the world as my highest self. She's so generous. She gave me so many resources to use - books, articles, podcasts, you name it. And she's always there for me when I need her. I feel so lucky to have found her and I'm so grateful for the work we've done together. Thank you, Lauren!

Emily raised her confidence (and her prices) while overcoming her fear of losing clients.

All my life I'd had a dream and vision for my future. I did all the things I was told to do (go to school, get the job), but somehow I found myself STUCK

The world I spent all those years in school preparing for no longer existed. 

Suddenly, I had to be online. I need to show the world who I was and what I had to offer. 

I knew that my next level required me to be more visible, but I was terrified...

lauren c. nelson, creator of the powerhouse era

I knew that my next level required me to be more visible, but I was terrified. Resistant. 

Then I learned the power of personal branding and everything changed in a flash! 

Before I knew it, I was getting media, exiting offers and opportunities without ever having to apply for them.

My powerhouse era had begun...


do you feel like i'm talking to you? 

You are in the right place, at the right time.
Me and my clients are living proof that it can be done. 
It's time to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

I'm all in

It's time for you to take center stage

The Powerhouse Era 
Brand Building Program

Build a Magnetic Personal Brand 
Become a Powerhouse in Your Industry
Attract the Right Rooms, Roles,
Raises, Recognition, and More!

I'm ready - put me in

what is a powerhouse? 


A person of great energy, creativity, inspiration, and power.

This program will plug you into the
 Mindset, beliefs, and movements of a powerhouse. 

Here's What You Get in the  Program

Expert Guidance and Coaching

Confidence and Presence Training

Thought Leadership Toolkit

Targeted Audience Engagement

Online Presence Makeover

Negotiation and Communication Skill Building

Join a Supportive, Growing Community

Learn How to Collaborate in Partnerships

Craft a Compelling Brand Story
Effective Networking Strategies
Personalized Branding Strategy

Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Techniques to Future-Proof Your Brand

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What's Covered in 
The Powerhouse Era Program

develop bold confidence and branding success
 with our signature framework

Module 1:  Powerhouse Mindset Shift

If you want to unlock your inner powerhouse, you need to move like one. And before you move, you need a solid, wonderfully articulated plan. 
During this month we uplift progress over perfection, BUT we don't play about covering new ground and conquering more territory! 

Uncover where your limitations have been hiding

Dare to dream higher and elevate expectations

Many of us inherited limiting beliefs about life, money, business, and career that put you at a disadvantage.
In the Powerhouse Era coaching program, you will shed the things that no longer serve you and adopt new principles designed to uplift and empower you. 

Confront what's holding you back

Begin to position yourself in a new direction

Discover your true inner value and raise your standards

Module 2:  Goal Setting
and Positioning  Your Expertise

Learn how to stride ahead of the pack with my tried and true strategies and techniques

Map out your path to success with Lauren and her team as your guides 

Start establishing your unique authority in your space

Module 3:   Build  Your Magnetic Personal Brand 

Time to find your honey and learn to attract some bees. All of us have value - we just need to know how to communicate it better. This section is where you roll up your sleeves, and with my coaching, you will design your magnetic personal brand. 

Get real about who you are and what you want to do and be in this world

Learn how to leverage your authenticity for maximum success and market positioning

Test your ideas and content in a safe, supportive place before launching

Module 4: Preparation for Momentum and Multiplication 

We don't believe in "one-and-done" performances. By this module, you are thinking and moving like a powerhouse. This section will teach you how to sustain and expand your brand. 

Get proven strategies to help you stay ahead of the pack and keep your competition guessing

Learn collaboration hacks to help you get further...faster

Receive resources and a list of experts guaranteed to help you blast into your next level

What Else You Can Expect

In-house Designed Brand Collateral (logo, color palette) Available for Purchase

Step-By-Step Course Creation Formula 

Image Consulting 

Branding and Positioning Techniques

Content and Engagement Strategies

Comprehensive Strategy and Implementation 

Join A Growing, Global Community of Experts

Accelerated Results

The Signature Powerhouse Era Program
Exclusive Access to Media Opportunities
Brand Strategy & Messaging

Personalized Guidance and Expert Support

If  You've Only Got One Life,
You Deserve to Make it Worthwhile

You deserve to wake up every morning with excitement about your life

You deserve to stop struggling and start giving yourself every advantage imaginable 

you deserve to be compensated handsomely for the value you contribute

hey powerhouse!

I'm Lauren, and I'm here to tell you: 
your next level is waiting...

I'm the Creator of The Powerhouse Era and your coach through this experience. I'm here to help you birth the greatness that's inside of you just waiting to come out. 

For five years, I was a performance management consultant working with federal and state government departments across the country. The work was cool - combining data and strategy we worked to improve communities and the lives of those in them.

It was interesting and seemed important, but I knew it wasn't what I was called to do. 

In 2020, I went on to pursue my own power, purpose, and profitability as a business owner. By plugging into my authenticity and excellence, I began to organically attract the right clients for me and for several years I grew my business 100% on happy client referrals. 

As of mid-2022, I've been featured in The New York Times Magazine, LA Weekly, Today's Purpose Woman, and have appeared in numerous podcasts such as WomELLE's Female Founders and more. 

Let me tell you a SHOCKING TRUTH.  There's nothing special or mystical separating me or other high performers from you. We know something you don't and we've made moves you haven't yet.  In The Powerhouse Era, I'm lifting the curtain, showing you what's what, and helping you step onto the center stage of your life!  (I love a challenge so we're going to be MAGICAL together and make the impossible seem like a joke!) 

Tired of these internet "coaches"? Me too.

Work with an Experienced,  Industry-Recognized, and Professionally Trained Coach You Can Trust

This is meant to be.
After all, you've made it this far. 

You will: 

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to bold confidence


Build A personal brand and confidently showcase expertise


show up authentically and still become the king/queen of your scene

Be in position for regular media and podcast invitations

Your Powerhouse Era, 
Your Date with Destiny are
Waiting For You....

 One future. One program.

This is for you if...

You know that staying the same isn't an option. 

You know you were meant for more.

You are tired of being sick and tired.

You're ready to make your dreams a reality. 

You know you can do better, you just need support.

You crave your next level more than anything. 

You want to go ALL IN on yourself. 

You're ready to become the person needed for your next chapter. 

This is not for you if...

You're afraid of big goals.

You don't believe in your dreams becoming reality.

Your excuses outweigh your desire for change. 

You're unwilling to learn new things and adapt.

You are skeptical and don't believe in coaching. 

You aren't willing to put in the work to change your life.

You are looking for another course to collect.

You are committed to staying the same. 

This is your chance. 

Schedule a Q&A Call with Lauren today. 

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You've got questions, I've got answers.

What is the powerhouse era

The Powerhouse Era is a 2-3 month brand building program designed to connect you with your inner power, purpose, and profitability. Using our Signature 6-M Powerhouse Framework, we will unchain you from disempowering and limiting beliefs that are keeping your small, hidden, and flying below the radar. Through weekly lessons, you will be educated, equipped, and prepared to stop sleeping on your gifts and leveraging them at the highest levels. 

When does the program begin? 

The program begins at the start of each month. 

How long is the program? 

The Powerhouse Era program runs between 2-3 months. 

What are the benefits of This program?

If you are truly committed to making positive changes in your life, The Powerhouse Era can be the key to unlocking your full potential.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and what you are truly capable of achieving.
  • You will learn how to set and achieve goals that are truly meaningful to you.
  • You will develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, and be more able to take risks and pursue your dreams.
  • The program will help you find your true purpose in life, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.
  • It can help you achieve any goal you set for yourself, no matter how challenging it may seem. 

What are the next steps? 

Here are the next steps you can expect: 
  • SCHEDULE an appointment call with our team
  • APPLY to The Powerhouse Era coaching program
  • More instructions will follow!

is this a certification program? 

No, The Powerhouse Era is NOT a certification program. We are not teaching you a professional skill or training you to be a coach. 

Is there a Payment plan? 

Yes, we offer flex payment plans to clients.  

is this an online program or in-person? 

The Powerhouse Era is 100% online. There may be an opportunity for the cohort to meet during the year. 

Hey!  Before You Go....

This doesn't have to be goodbye. 
Say hello to your Powerhouse Era

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